Band Frontman Chase Mason Talks About The Upcoming Gatecreeper Album

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One of our favorite modern death metal bands is that of Gatecreeper. Since forming in 2013, the band have put out several splits and EPs, as well as two studio albums. Their latest release is the EP An Unexpected Reality, which came out in 2021.

But during a recent conversation with Jamey Jasta on The Jasta Show, Gatecreeper frontman Chase Mason said that the band plans to start working on a new album soon! Speaking to the band’s EP An Unexpected Reality and their plans regarding a brand new album, Chase shares the following (all quotes were transcribed by Metal Injection):

“We’ve been working on it in between tours. We’ve been touring this year more than we ever have actually, just kind of like ‘we’re able to do it again, let’s just go for it.’ We have been working on… we put out a record [in] the first week of 2021… it was the pandemic so we were like ‘oh, we can’t tour. Let’s just make a record.’ It was a little bit of an experiment for us, but we’ve been working on our next full-length.

“We actually just started to schedule out to record it, which is after we get done with all these tours. In the first half of next year, we’re just gonna be working on a new record. We’re gonna have to stand our ground and set a hard rule of ‘alright, if whoever wants to take us out on tour for the first six months of next year, that’s coming and we’re gonna have to say no.’ We’re gonna have to do a new record. We’ve been working on. I’m not sure if it’ll be out next year, but we’re definitely going to get it recorded by next year.”

How excited are you for a new Gatecreeper album?! You can check out the full conversation between Chase and Jamey below.