Producer Bob Rock Feels Metallica’s ‘Load’ + ‘Reload’ Go Against How Confining Metal Can Be

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It seems like no matter who you ask, there is always going to be some sort of intense opinion about the Metallica albums Load and Reload. If you ask Metallica singer and guitarist James Hetfield about the era in which those records came out, he will tell you he has regrets; even Korn frontman Jonathan Davis has talked some smack about the band due to Load.

That said, Davis eventually came around to appreciating that album, and horror director John Carpenter really enjoys ’90s era Metallica. Someone else who has a favorable opinion on both of these albums is that of music producer Bob Rock, who happened to have acted as producer on both albums.

Via new interview with Metal Hammer, Rock reflects on both of these records and applauds Metallica for creating them. Speaking to how he admires the band’s focus in doing what they want, Bob says:

“One of the most admirable things about the band is they really don’t think in terms of people’s reactions. They just do what they feel is right for them. They don’t take into account what people think. When they go in a direction and they make a commitment to doing something, they just do it. And they don’t hold back.”

Rock also shares that, upon releasing The Black Album – which he also helped produced – he sensed that the band “felt a certain amount of wanting to stretch out.” He then goes on to comment how the genre of metal is very “confining,” and that ultimately, creating Load and Reload allowed the band to push beyond that confinement.

“I just think they just saw that culture was changing. And the rules of metal are very confining. The drum sound has to be a certain way, you can’t do harmonies. I mean, that’s just no fun.”

Bob adds, “It freed them up from concentrating on what made them who they are. They realised that they could stretch the boundaries and that’s what Load and Reload was.”

Do you agree with Bob Rock? Do you think both of these Metallica albums get too much shit and deserve a little more love?