Anti-Fascist Punks Allegedly Set Fire To A Truck Outside A Neo-Nazi Black Metal Show

Aaron Logan, CC BY 1.0, Wikipedia
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CW: Anti-Semitic imagery, mentioning of mass shooting, Nazi imagery

During a recent neo-Nazi black metal show that took place, some anti-Fascist punks allegedly set fire to a truck parked outside that show.

As reported by Vishal P. Singh,  a neo-Nazi black metal show was being held in East L.A., at a venue located at 3612 E 1st Street. The show was titled Rise of the Black Sun and featured bands wearing anti-Semitic shirts.

Vishal P. Singh covers protests, extremism, and law enforcement, and over on their Twitter, they shared an account of this far-right black metal show. Speaking to the show, Vishal starts off by writing:

“BREAKING: Neo-Nazis, some armed, are in Los Angeles for a Nazi Black Metal festival called ‘Rise of the Black Sun.’ A black sun flag, emblem of Nazism, hangs on the wall. One of the bands, Blue Eyed Devils, had a former member commit a mass shooting at a Sikh Temple, killing six.”

They then go on to tweet:

“The location of the neo-Nazi music festival in Los Angeles is a venue that was purchased in April of this year. The venue has been used for other Nazi Black Metal shows as well. Their location is: 3612 E 1st Street Los Angeles.”

They then add:

“‘The Rise of the Black Sun’ music festival in East Los Angeles featured multiple neo-Nazi bands displaying antisemitic and Nazi imagery.”

Multiple reports then came into L.A. Taco that a truck was on fire in front of this show, allegedly started by anti-Nazi punks. You can find Vishal’s tweets regarding this story below.