Evanescence Singer Amy Lee Would Love To Work With Nightmare Before Christmas’ Tim Burton

Amy Lee: Evanescence Facebook / Jack Skellington: Buena Vista Pictures Distribution
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Via a recent conversation with Metal Hammer, Evanescence singer Amy Lee spoke to how much she would love to work with filmmaker Tim Burton.

Some of you are probably very aware of Burton’s work, but for those who don’t know him – Burton is a filmmaker who has created a plethora of captivating films. Among the movies he has directed, there is Beetlejuice, Batman (1989), and Mars Attack!. That said, one of Burton’s most iconic works is that of The Nightmare Before Christmas (which he wrote the story for, but was directed by Henry Selick).

During this latest conversation, Amy speaks to how much she would love to meet the filmmaker and work with him. Per Amy Lee, she shares:

“I’d do anything to work with Tim Burton. I love him, but I’ve never been able to meet him. I got to meet [frequent Burton musical collaborator] Danny Elfman – he had me come over to his house. I wanted to learn more about Danny’s process!

“I would love to meet Tim Burton, but there would have to be a reason, there would need to be the right project, the right film. That would be a moment where you could just print up the tombstone. It’s his contrast; everything is like a cartoon, the colours are like a dream of life, like a painting that’s come to life. But, in addition, there is this part that is grief, or pain, or something really messed up that seems to come from a child’s perspective. Which, having been through grief as a child [Amy’s younger sister died at the age of three], I really relate to.”

While it would be very cool to hear Amy Lee create music for one of Tim Burton’s movies, it would be extra awesome to see her acting in one of his films! If you are a fan of Tim’s work, what is your favorite movie of his?