Watch: Alicia Taylor Talks About How Her And Husband Corey Taylor Started Dating

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In 2019, Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor and Cherry Bombs performer Alicia Dove got married. For those who are not aware, Alicia has been dancing since a young age and has even performed as a cheerleader in the NFL. Some time later, Alicia Taylor would become a performer in Cherry Bombs.

Per the performance group’s official website: “Cherry Bombs bring an entire new way to experience rock and roll music – combining daredevil arts with feminine power, fearless and dynamic performances feature dance, fire, aerial, grinding, stilt walking, and so much more.”

During a recent interview with Graham Hartmann of Loudwire, Alicia Taylor talked about her career as a performer, her work in Cherry Bombs, and that of her relationship with Corey Taylor. At one point during the conversation, she is asked how she came to meet Corey.

Alicia then talks about the various interactions the two have had over the years. She eventually then goes into how the two ended up going on their first date together.

“There [were] a lot of mini interactions over the course of seven years, by the time we actually toured together. At that point in time, he had asked me to go out on a date and I said ‘no.’ I just didn’t want to date a band guy. Not about it, don’t trust you, not into it, and I wanted to be professional. Eventually he said, ‘Listen, can I just take you on a date after this tour?’ I said, ‘After the tour is over, after the last show, we’re done working, you can take me on a date.’ And then the rest is history.”

As of recently, Alicia and Corey just celebrated their three year wedding anniversary. Congratulations you two!! You can check out the full video interview involving Alicia Taylor below where she talks about her work in Cherry Bombs and dating Corey Taylor.

In some Corey Taylor related news, the Slipknot frontman recently shared a very blunt statement directed at those complaining about the new Slipknot album The End, So Far. In a recent interview, among the comments he made, Corey said, “You fucking idiots, sometimes you just need to shut the fuck up and listen to what we give you.”