You Can Now Watch Ozzy’s Full NFL Halftime Show!

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Ozzy Osbourne recently shared that he would be performing as part of a NFL Halftime show; per the event details found on his Facebook page:

“Ozzy will perform at halftime of the Los Angeles Rams season opener on Thursday, September 8 at SoFi Stadium. The performance comes on the eve of the release of Osbourne’s new PATIENT NUMBER 9 album out September 9 on Epic.”

However, when it came to the airing of Osbourne’s performance, many folks were not happy. This unhappiness did not have to do with Ozzy’s singing, the band, or anything music related – it is that the broadcasting of his show was incredibly short. When it came time to share Ozzy’s performance on TV, only 10 seconds was featured! 10 seconds is fucking nothing when it comes to watching a live performance.

That said, some fan captured footage was taken of Ozzy’s NFL Halftime performance, so now you can watch the full show now! Pertaining to its actual runtime, it looks to be a little south of eight minutes. You can find the video featuring Ozzy’s NFL show below.

In other Ozzy Osbourne related news, the metal legend recently released a new album, and on that record there is a song about masturbation! The late Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins happened to have inspired some lyrics featured on that song as well. Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo recently talked about the first time he officially met Ozzy; you can find a link to the full story below, but here is an excerpt of what Robert had to say:

“When I really met Ozzy was at Devonshire recording studios; it was a compound in North Hollywood and Ozzy was recording No More Tears. Mike [Muir] and I were recording the first Infectious Grooves album [1991’s The Plague That Makes Your Booty Move… It’s the Infectious Grooves]. We were also on the same record label too; we were on Epic Records at the time. So, we were basically like a fraternity there. We had this place for — I don’t know how long — and we’re both making records. So we’re all hanging out. And at the time Ozzy would sneak over into our room.”

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