What Does The Internet Think Of The New Slipknot Album The End, So Far?

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The brand new Slipknot album The End, So Far is out today and there has been a wild variety of reactions to it! The End, So Far is Slipknot’s seventh studio album, and it features a captivating range of style and technical presentation.

In our review of the new Slipknot album, we wrote, “The End, So Far, in the context of Slipknot’s work, features next level artistry from the band. Other than We Are Not Your Kind, or even All Hope Is Gone, this is the most unique musical take we have had from Slipknot in sometime, with a plethora of cuts incorporating multiple tempo shifts, tonal mood shifts, and varying levels of sonic intensity within a given song.” You can check out our full review of the record by following this link here.

Below, we have included a variety of different reactions to The End, So Far. Pulling from Twitter, here is what some folks have had to say about the new record. What are your thoughts when it comes to the new Slipknot album?