Watch This Self-Described Satanist With 98% Body Tattoos Get a ‘No Tattoo’ Makeover

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A little over a year ago, we posted this video of a hardcore goth that was made over into an Instagram model… and absolutely hated the way she looked after. We posted it because many of us in this underground subculture of aggressive music can relate to living a life that’s a bit left of the norm, whether it’s how we choose to live life, the way we dress, or how we modify our bodies with tattoos, piercings and sometimes more.

We were drawn to the goth makeover video because most people would assume that the woman might love the way she looked as a ‘normie.’ But, it was quite the opposite. She hated the new look, stating: “I look like a grown woman… and I don’t like it.” She was perfectly content with how she looked in the first place, regardless of what broader society thought. And that’s a beautiful thing.

Anyways, we didn’t expect much from the article as it didn’t fit into the typical metal news archetype- we just thought it was cool. But, it actually exploded. It was easily one of our most-read stories for all of 2021.

So when we came across this similar story, we felt inspired to share this one, too. In this scenario, an Australian woman named Amber Luke (who upon some further digging appears to work professionally as a tattoo model), decided to give a shot at a makeover that completely removed all of her tattoos (albeit temporarily).

Amber’s 666 face tattoo doesn’t appear to be purely for aesthetic either- in the below video, she explains how she lives her life according to the principles and philosophy of Satanism.

You can check that out below if you’d like, followed by the actual makeover video. Perhaps our favorite part is that, despite seemingly doing this makeover to make her mother happy, both daughter AND mother in the end agree that Amber looks best exactly as she is, tattoos and all.

Amber states emphatically post-makeover “I hate it. I really don’t like it at all.” Her mother incredulously asks: “Where’s my daughter?… I like you with tattoos.” She goes on to clarify that while she does like her daughter without the tattoos: “I really like the way she looks… with the tattoos.”

That’s a mother’s love, folks. In the end, she seems to care most about what makes her daughter happy. Right on. Our moms don’t even want to be seen with us in public in our Deicide shirts.

Amber Luke explains how she lives as a practicing Satanist:

Watch Amber Luke’s full tattoo makeover video:


Watch This Hardcore Goth Get Made Over Into an Instagram Model