Watch: The Time Slipknot’s Clown Owned a Condescending Interviewer

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Slipknot mastermind Shawn Crahan (more affectionally known to us maggots as Clown), is long-beloved by fans for many reasons, one of which is that he has a history for not taking shit from anyone. The guy has never had a problem speaking his mind or telling someone off when he deems it necessary.

When you’re the driving creative force behind one of the most successful bands in all of heavy music going on numerous decades now, you’ve earned the right to tell someone to fuck off here and there, right?

In a recently resurfaced clip from the 2006 Grammy Awards red carpet pre-ceremony, an unnecessarily flippant interviewer didn’t start things off on the right foot with Clown, essentially mocking him with a clown joke right out of the gate. He said: “I’m here now with Slipknot. You guys are up for Best Metal Band. Who would win in a fight- you or Ronald McDonald?” Clown replies:  “You know, man, I don’t know what to talk to you about, to be honest.”

The interview responds, “you don’t think we have anything in common?” Clown: “I’m pretty sure we don’t have anything in common.” Clearly not picking up on the disrespect he’s putting out, the interviewer digs in further with the sarcasm: “Well, I’m a heavy metal rocker. If there was a heavy metal song about me, what would it be called?”

Clown at this point clearly has had enough, responding that the song would be called – appropriately so- “Jackass.” “Jackass would be my song?” the interviewer asks. “Let me hear a couple lyrics.” To which Clown replies simply: “You’re. A. Jackass.” Kinda walked right into that one, didn’t he.

You can watch the whole cringey exchange below as well.

Slipknot definitely had the last laugh here, though, as they went on to win their first Grammy later that night after being nominated 5 years in a row prior. You can watch clips from Slipknot’s post-win press conference below for Best Metal Performance: ‘Before I Forget’.