Watch: Metallica Did a Super Corny ‘St. Anger’ TV Commercial for AOL in 2003

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For some of you, “AOL” may mean nothing, and while we may be revealing our age here, let us give you a brief breakdown. AOL – or American Online – was not just a web portal and online provider back in the ’90s and early 2000s, but it was also many people’s first experience with instant messaging.

AOL Instant Messenger was the big shit back in the day (and was the predecessor for greater technology to come). But with the rise of internet culture in the ’90s and further booming in the early aughts, AOL decided to up their game and get some heavy duty marketing underway. And they did this by hitting up Metallica members James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich.

In a video shared by “crazy ass moments in nu metal history,” you will see both Hetfield and Ulrich writing to each other over Instant Messenger. The idea is that they are spitballing lyric ideas back and forth to one another. James starts off by writing, “I’m madly in love with you,” to which Lars writes back, “I’m madly in lust with you.” During all of this, some chill music is being played in the background.

Eventually, James Hetfield writes to Lars Ulrich: “I’m madly in anger,” which is a line from the band’s song “St. Anger.” The two members then call each other over the AOL Instant Messenger phone option, with James picking up his guitar and shredding along to “St. Anger.”

This is one hell of a gem that got quite a few chuckles out of us. You can check out the video for this commercial below. In other Metallica related news, James recently spoke to the one Metallica song that he hates.