Watch: This Guy’s Collection Of Slipknot Masks Features Super Awesome + Rare Items

Morten Jensen, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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While there are so many iconic costumes and visuals to be found throughout the world of metal, one sort of visual that has always stood out to us are that of the Slipknot masks. Throughout the band’s career, each member has fashioned a unique mask; sometimes these masks represent something personal for the musician, and sometimes they are just meant to be creepy as fuck.

The Slipknot masks bring an added theatrical element to the band’s performances – when you see the guys on stage, it feels like you are watching a show involving these otherworldly beings. As fans of Slipknot and their costumes, we are always interested in checking out people’s collections involving such items.

So when we stumbled across the “Biggest Slipknot Mask Collection In The World!” (uploaded by the YouTube channel The House of Masks), of course we immediately watched the video. And holy shit, we did not expect for this mask collection to be as vast as it is.

The Slipknot collection that The House of Masks features in this video (uploaded a year ago as of the time of this writing) is nothing short of impressive. The collection features multiple masks of each individual member, showing off various styles and designs that Slipknot members have worn.

You have multiple version of Corey Taylor masks, multiple versions of Joey Jordison masks, and so on and so forth. The collection also includes several original items (and other sweet Slipknot memorabilia). We are truly blown away by this collection and think you will find it impressive too.

You can check out the video of this Slipknot mask collection below. If you are a collector of Slipknot memorabilia, what are your thoughts pertaining to this collection? Below the video, you will find a couple other stories related to Slipknot costumes.

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