Watch: This AI Created Music Video For Metallica’s ‘Enter Sandman’ Is Hauntingly Stunning

Enter Sandman - Metallica - But the lyrics are Ai generated images: Daara, YouTube (Made using Midjourney AI bot)
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Originally shared by the folks over at Classic Rock, there is an AI technology that translates songs into breathtaking visuals, allowing people to create their own music videos.

One of the music videos we came across is one for the Metallica song “Enter Sandman” and holy crap folks – prepare yourselves for a truly haunting and beautiful video.

The user who uploaded this music video used an AI technology called Midjourney AI bot, and essentially how it works is this: The AI will pull together images that reflect what is being said (or even reflect a certain mood or sound being presented). For example, during the line in “Enter Sandman” where James Hetfield says, “Say your prayers/ little ones/ don’t forget my son,” the AI pulled together a painting of two children looking off into the distance of a cemetery. You are also able to provide the AI specific directions it seems (for example, you can provide directions to the AI to look up visuals presented in a certain painting style).

Such technology can allow for a plethora of captivating visual works! When it comes to other stories involving cool tech – some months ago, we played around with a tool that allows people to isolate vocals. We took a very popular System of a Down song and cut out the instrumentation to hear what just the vocals would sound like – let’s just say that the end result gave us goosebumps. We also played around with another AI tool that allows you to create some creepy image of iconic metalheads. Enjoy.

You can check out the unique visual interpretation of Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” below. We got to say, while this is not an official release from the band, this may easily be the coolest Metallica music video ever released.