The Pit’s Favorite Riffs: Five New Metal Songs To Headbang To 9/30

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Welcome back to The Pit’s Favorite Riffs, where we share five new killer metal songs that have recently come out and that we love! Here are the metal songs we highlighted from last week!

As always, our goal with this feature is to shine a light on more underground metal bands. This week, we are bringing you a nice variety of death metal, doom, and more.

Sharptooth – “Wolves”

This feminist hardcore band packs a whole lot of bite! Thus far, Sharptooth have released two studio albums: Clever Girl (2017) and Transitional Forms (2020). The band has a new vocalist now, who you can hear on their latest single “Wolves.” We are pumped to hear a new record from Sharptooth!

Autopsy – “Stab the Brain”

Autopsy have been going hard since the late ’80s delivering grotesque sounding death metal! As of today, the band have released their eighth studio album Morbidity Triumphant, and while there are a lot of brutal sounding cuts on the record, we thought to highlight “Stab the Brain.”

Worm – “Shadowside Kingdom

Blending that of black, death, and doom metal, Worm offer compositions brimming with atmosphere. There is an incredible psychedelic air to the band’s material – one that both exudes chilling auras, yet also invites the listener into a eerie mediation of sorts. The band have a new EP on the way titled Bluenothing.

Lune – “Lustrous Gates”

Another act that provides chilling atmosphere is that of Lune. On their song “Lustrous Gates,” there is this gripping duality of beautiful and haunting tones; while the vocals on the track shriek and the guitar work drones, there’s also an enchanting presence (which is very much thanks to some bells, horns, and the use of a singing choir).

Mamaleek – “Boiler Room” 

Blending black metal, rock, and jazz, Mamaleek is a fascinating fusion of style. Mamaleek creates compositions that are chaotic sounding, yet also fascinatingly intricate, offering audiences technically and emotionally unique experiences with each song.

Of course, this is but a small taste of the many awesome metal releases that are out today. What are some new metal songs/albums that you are listening to now or plan to check out over the course of this weekend?