Watch: The New Hellraiser Trailer Invites You To Experience Fascinating Horror

Unsplash/Yvette de Wit
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Well folks, the new Hellraiser trailer is here and it’s INCREDIBLE! Prior to the trailer being released, we were already very excited for this movie; let alone that director David Bruckner is a master of filmmaking, Hellraiser is one of our all time favorite horror movies and franchises.

Released as of today, the 2022 Hellraiser movie officially has a trailer and we are fucking ready for this movie. There are so many exciting and fascinating details revealed through this trailer. For one, we get a much closer look at the intricate design of the iconic Hellraiser puzzle box. We also get a look at two of the side Cenobites that will appear in the film (one being that of The Chatterer). We also get more of a look at Jamie Clayton’s Pinhead in action; we also get to hear what she sounds like and – holy shit – she sounds chilling!

2022 has been a superb year for horror movies; from X to Nope, to Pearl to Watcher and several more, this year keeps giving us amazing horror flicks. We still have to wait until next month to see the new Hellraiser movie, but we are super confident that this is going to rock our socks off.

You can check out the official trailer for the 2022 Hellraiser movie below. How excited are you to finally see this film? Some time ago, Dough Bradley (who played Pinhead in the original film), shared his thoughts on Jamie Clayton playing the new Pinhead.

Speaking of X and Pearl, Ti West recently shared that he has another movie in the works! This new film is called MaXXXine. We have also gotten some first-look footage regarding the upcoming Halloween Ends! Horror legend John Carpenter also recently shared that Halloween Ends may not be the official end to Michael Myers’ terror.