The Munsters Runtime Is Officially Revealed!

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We are just a couple weeks away from the release of Rob Zombie‘s Munsters movie and now we know its official runtime!

Some months ago, a rumor started floating around regarding the runtime of Zombie’s upcoming Munsters flick; regarding this rumor, an actor associated with the original run of The Munsters shared that Zombie’s movie was running a little north of two and a half hours!

Honestly, that runtime sounds like a tad much when it comes to something like the Rob Zombie Munsters movie. While the film’s runtime has gone unconfirmed for sometime, over on Zombie’s Instagram account as of recently, he confirmed the official runtime of the film (and sort of shockingly, the runtime is not that far off from that initial rumor).

Zombie’s Munsters, which will be coming to Netflix in just a couple weeks, has an official runtime of one hour and 49 minutes. At a little south of two hours, it will be interesting to see if Rob can keep us laughing and charmed the entire time. At the time of this writing, the only other Rob Zombie movie to be around this long is that of 3 From Hell, which is 115 minutes long (which is roughly just a little south of two hours).

Do you think this one hour and 49 minute Munsters runtime is a bit much? Do you wish it were shorter (or even longer)? Below you can find Rob Zombie’s Instagram post where he officially confirms The Munsters runtime.

In other Zombie related news, the late GWAR frontman, Oderus Urungus, once talked some major smack about that of Rob and his wife Sheri Moon Zombie. Among the several comments he made about Rob’s filmmaking, he shared, “Rob Zombie’s great if you’re a 12 year old boy.” You can learn more about what Oderus said by following the link below.

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