Watch: ‘The House of Masks’ YouTube Channel Unboxes Michael Myers ‘Halloween Ends’ Mask

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Among our favorite YouTube channels is that of The House of Masks; as fans of horror movies (and being big Slipknot fans), we love the dedication and passion AJ (who runs The House of Masks channel) puts into exploring the artistic medium of masks.

We recently highlighted AJ’s channel when we wrote about his intense Slipknot mask collection; but today, we are sharing a video from The House of Masks that is Halloween related! As of quite recently, AJ has uploaded a video that features him unboxing a Michael Myers mask (related to the upcoming Halloween Ends). This Michael Myers Halloween Ends mask comes from Trick Or Treat Studios.

In this video, AJ goes over the quality of the Michael Myers mask, speaking to its paint job, the mold effect, and even the hair. You can check out the unboxing video of the Michael Myers Halloween Ends mask below.

Speaking of Halloween, have you seen the recent new Halloween Ends footage? We are super excited to see the movie next month when it comes to theatres and onto the streaming service Peacock. Earlier this year, we interviewed horror director John Carpenter! We talked to him about his work scoring the recent Firestarter remake, his fandom of Babymetal and Metallica, and more! You can check out the full interview by following this link here, but below is a brief excerpt regarding what John had to say about his enjoyment of Babymetal.

“I love Babymetal! Are you kidding me? Have you seen them in concert? They are unbelievable! Their band is unreal; they are just chugging, and these three little girls come out – the performers – and they didn’t know what metal was, [so it] had to [be] explained to them [because they are] so young. [Babymetal] is such a great idea. So much fun. I can’t believe the crowds; I attend their concerts. Wow!”