Watch: Stray From The Path Drummer Makes A Joke About Queen Elizabeth + Gets John Oliver To Laugh His Ass Off

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As of currently, Stray From The Path drummer Craig Reynolds is playing as part of Seth Meyers’ stage band, 8G Band. 8G Band has a far different musical presentation than that of the extremely exhilarating and progressive hardcore act Stray From The Path, but it is still very cool to see some heavy music representation appear on mainstream TV.

However, this story is not about music. During a recent episode of Late Night With Seth Meyers, Meyers had comedian and Last Night Tonight host John Oliver on the show. In a brief clip shared via Reynold’s Twitter account, Meyers is talking about the recent passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

The two go back and forth making some brief comments, but then John speaks to that of Craig (who is British), and asks how he is holding up (pertaining to that of the Queen’s death).

Craig’s reply gets Oliver to laugh his ass off; we mean to the point of John laughing loudly and smacking his leg. You can check out this moment for yourself via the video below.

What do you make of the interaction between Craig Reynolds and that of John Oliver? It is also cool to note that, as you will see in the photo below, Seth Meyers gave a shout out to the brand new Stray From The Path album, Euthanasia (which we gave a shout out to via The Pit’s Favorite Riffs).

In other band related news, band guitarist Thomas Williams recently spoke to his love for Rage Against the Machine.

In other news related to John Oliver, earlier this year, the comedian featured a Disturbed cover in one of his episodes (and it was fucking hilarious).