Slipknot Says F*** 87 Times On Their Debut. Some Genius Turned All Those F-Bombs Into A Song.

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This ‘ol writer distinctly remembers the first time they got their hands on Slipknot’s self-titled album. It was the day it came out and it was on CD (yes, we’re old).

Based on the nutso album cover, the song already heard on what was probably an OzzFest sampler CD, and that super cool ‘Parental Advisory’ sticker, all signs pointed to the fact that it was best to press play on this release when the ‘ol super religious parents weren’t in proximity.

And that assumption was correct- this molotov cocktail of an album was not one for the Bar Mitzvah dance floor. Corey Taylor actually dropped an impressive 87 fucks throughout the album.

And now, in our YouTube travels, we were elated to discover that some martyr of a human went ahead and took alllllllll of those glorious fucks and stitched them together in one 3 minute long magnum opus. You can enjoy that piece of art below, complete with a Hot Shots Part Deux-themed ‘Fuck Counter.’

In other Slipknot self-titled-related news, Ross Robinson recently gave a fascinating interview in which he revealed that this now all-time-classic rager almost didn’t actually happen without his financial support:

“And Roadrunner was really just not helping the situation at the time. I fronted all the studio time. I put a deposit on the studio myself. I sent Mick to the dentist and paid for it all. Like whatever it was, rehearsals, the rehearsal place, whatever it was, I fronted everything until almost ’till we started mixing.

We were in the process that long after pre-production. It didn’t feel like we were supported or cared about. It’s like we were completely alone on our own island and that’s what it fucking sounded like – furious.” He went on:

“Fuck man, if that thing didn’t go platinum right off the bat, they wouldn’t be a band. So I knew that if you can blast the mind shut, like blank, and the heart just [explodes] and the tears come down, for me, as a listener… [I’m] just fed. Then one person that might hear it may not kill themselves.

Or [they] feel listened to. Or feel loved with all our hearts, everything. No toughness, no ego, all that bullshit. It’s just ‘hard is lame’ and it’s the fucking heaviest thing probably I’ve ever done—that first album.”