Sid Wilson Talks About Doing Mushrooms And His Early Days As A DJ

Sid Wilson: Slipknot Facebook / Mushroom: MichaelMaggs, CC BY-SA 2.5, Wikimedia Commons
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Prior to his days in Slipknot, Sid Wilson was working in the DJ scene. Via a new interview with Kerrang!, Wilson is asked about his early days DJing – what his experiences were like, how those experiences transferred into his work with Slipknot, and how much of a partier he was.

Speaking to how wild he used to party, Sid shares the following, talking about how he tried to push his limits:

“I was heavy into the rave scene and learning to DJ, and all that kind of stuff. Let’s just say I partied pretty hard. If you see the amount that I put in to the Slipknot live show, it’s 100 per cent, so just translate that to partying. It’s really intense. I have this energy that’s a combination of patience, strength and wisdom. If you put all that together and when it’s directed in the right place, I’m unstoppable. When it’s directed in the wrong place, it can also stop you quickly. Let’s just say I went as far as one possibly could, but my family brought me back.

“Ever since then, I dropped all the craziness, and I went forward with my mission in life. I lost sight of it somewhere, as you do through your youth and teenage angst. You want to be validated as an adult, so you do all these things that you translate as being ‘adult’, but they haven’t been presented to you properly by the people that influence your life, either because they didn’t have the knowledge or didn’t care to. I made my way out of that, so that high energy and focus was about wanting to help people. How can I use the talents that I’ve acquired and the platform I’ve chosen, to start speaking and letting people know what kind of person I am? Well, I was inspired by musicians, so now I’m all about trying to live by example.”

He is later on asked about any particular partying moments that stand out to him, to which the Slipknot turntablist brings up a story involving himself taking mushrooms.

“There’s so many of them, man. At one party I’d had some mushrooms. I’m not gonna say what kind, but let’s just say I was hungry. At some point I passed out with my head inside the bass bin. I had my head stuck into it and my body was crawled inside. Someone came to wake me up and by then I’d fully digested my supper, so I’m feeling bonkers, and they’re saying, ‘You’re up! You’ve gotta DJ!’ I’m like, ‘What? Oh, okay then.’ So I went up, opened my crate, and went for it. That was a really good set (laughs). Everyone was saying I wasn’t going to be able to do it, because I was passed out, but people that knew me knew. Like, ‘He’s good, he’s always like this!’”

Leave it to Sid to go hard! While we love his work in Slipknot, we also enjoy hearing his electronic and hip-hop work as well.

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