Watch: A Tale Of Deli Meats, Brent Smith Of Shinedown, Lots Of Urine + The Late Eddie Van Halen

Eddie Van Halen: Carl Lender, CC BY 2.0 (Wikimedia Commons) / Brent Smith: Stefan Brending (2eight) / Lizenz: Creative Commons CC-by-sa-3.0 de (Wikimedia Commons)
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This article’s title may have really caught you by surprise – deli meats, Brent Smith of Shinedown, Eddie Van Halen, urine. There’s a lot there to process, but trust us folks – you aren’t prepared for the context of it all.

Via a video feature with SiriusXM, the Shinedown frontman was asked to share some wild stories involving himself and the band. To kick things off, Smith talks about meeting the late Eddie Van Halen. Smith says that the band got to tour with Van Halen and had an amazing time, but that there was one incident involving Eddie that absolutely rocked him.

And folks, by the time we got to the tail end of Smith’s story, we were both laughing and in utter shock. Here is everything Brent had to say about this particular encounter with the late Eddie Van Halen (transcribed by The Pit):

“On the first record, we got an opportunity of a lifetime to do two months with Van Halen. And overtime, in this tour, me and Eddie just developed a friendship; [he was] one of the sweetest and most amazing human beings on the planet. But, if I’m gonna be honest about what I remember from this tour – which is probably one of the most incendiary rock and roll moments of all time.

“Eddie would always come in everyday around five o’clock; they [the band] flew private everywhere, so they would come in around five o’clock. Eddie never wore a shirt, he was always wearing camo pants and combat boots, he always had his guitar around him, and he was always smoking a cigarette; he would drink Yellow Tail wine, so he would always have purple around his lips. It’s everything you want him to be.

“There’s this one day he comes into the dressing room, and I hear him come in – I’m in the bathroom and I’m washing my hands. He’s like, ‘Hey where’s Brent?’ And [someone goes] ‘He’s in the bathroom.’ So I come out of the bathroom, I’m like ‘Eddie, what’s up?’ I didn’t dry my hands all the way, so I gave him a high-five, and he’s like ‘Oh dude, what?!’

“And I said, ‘Oh, I was just having to handle my business in there.’ So he walks over to the deli area, like craft services in the room, he then proceeds to – on the deli tray – urinate on the deli tray and take a rolled up piece of turkey, and rolled it up and put it in the center; [he then] took his cigarette, stuck it in the top of the turkey, handed me the deli tray with urine and said, ‘Here, give this to your tour manager. It’s called a Smoking Gun.’ And then walked out of the room.”

Smith then goes on to say that this story is 100% true. All we gotta say is… holy shit. You can check out the full video featuring Brent Smith below.