Anthrax’s Scott Ian Says That Slipknot Was What Really Got His 11-Year-Old Son Into Heavy Music

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Revel Ian, the 11-year-old son of Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian, is proving himself to be quite the rocker. Some months ago, news came out that Revel had joined a band; Ian’s son is part of the band Honeybee (which is a rock act).

During a recent conversation with Loudwire, the topic of Scott Ian’s son came up. Ian is asked about what got Revel into heavy music, and while Scott Ian speaks to what got him into heavy music as a kid, he also speaks to the band that really made a big impression on Revel.

That band is none other than nu metal giants Slipknot. Here is what Scott Ian had to say about Revel getting into metal and listening to Slipknot:

“I think for him, it was his big thing that opened the door. Like his first big ‘crush,’ you know? For me, it was Kiss. Kiss was the thing that my parents weren’t into it; it was my thing. Of course, my parents didn’t play guitar in a metal band like Revel’s dad. Or his mom who sings in a rock band.”

“But I think for him, Slipknot was the first kind of — I mean, he liked a lot of shit before that, too. But there was something about Slipknot that opened the door to everything else. He was looking for shit that came before them, shit that came after them.”

Scott Ian goes on to add: “Slipknot to me — he might correct me if he heard me saying this — but for me, that way I see it, Slipknot was his Kiss. His gateway to everything else. And that was when he was 5 or 6.”

For many of us, Slipknot was our gateway band into heavy music; but damn, listening to Slipknot at the age of five or six? That is pretty metal Revel! For many of us, we didn’t listen to Slipknot until we were teenagers. Follow the link below to check out a song from Revel’s band Honeybee.

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