Watch: Rare Footage From 2000 Features Unmasked Slipknot Performing ‘People = Sh*t’

Slipknot - Unmasked Rehearsal (2000 Rare People=Sh!t Demo): Slipknot FC, YouTube / Slipknot logo: Slipknot
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While many of us today are aware of what Slipknot looks like without their iconic masks on, it was more of a mystery back in the day – the band’s masks bringing a mystique to their performances. Rather than seeing people playing in a band, you might have thought you were looking at these nightmare beings on stage.

There is still some level of that mystique to the band’s performances today, but it was a real treat being able to catch the guys not in their masks back in the past. With this in mind, we came across a video on YouTube that would have blown our collective minds back in the early aughts.

Uploaded via the Slipknot FC YouTube channel, there is footage of an unmasked Slipknot performing their song “People = Shit.” The band are playing the song as part of a rehearsal, and given that it seems to be just them and their crew, they decided to rock out with no masks on.

The video also features an unmasked Slipknot performing other songs as well. It is surreal to us to see the band go so hard and not be in their usual Slipknot getup. You can check out this incredible footage for yourself below!

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Also, if you haven’t checked it out yet, we reviewed the band’s new album The End, So Far. Among the points we made, we wrote the following: “The End, So Far also has such a greater atmospheric presentation to it compared to most other Slipknot albums.

While singles like “The Dying Song (Time To Sing)” and “Yen” are solid examples of what to expect from the record, The End, So Far has many more surprises to share.”