Listen: Popstar Mariah Carey Is Reissuing A Grunge Album She Made In The ’90s

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Alongside all the subgenres that metal has to offer, we love ourselves some good ole grunge. We love all the classics: Nirvana, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, Mariah Carey. All the artists and bands that really cemented the genre as the powerhouse it was back in the ’90s – wait, what the fuck? *Reads over notes again* Mariah fucking Carey made grunge music?

Apparently she did folks! As reported by Consequence, popstar Mariah Carey made a bunch of grunge music under the act name Chick. A record, titled Someone’s Ugly Daughter, was released back in the ’90s, but seems to have faded into the ether; well if you are craving some new grunge to check out, Mariah plans on re-issuing the album!

Part of why this album may have faded into obscurity is because Carey was left uncredited on the album. She wrote about making the record in her memoir, sharing, “It’s always been a challenge for me to acknowledge and express anger. My personal life was suffocating during Daydream, and I was in desperate need of release.”⁠

The original release of Someone’s Ugly Daughter featured that of Clarissa Dane on lead vocals, but there are versions of the record’s tracks where Mariah is providing vocals. As she tweet’d back in 2020: “Fun fact 2: now that you’ve listened to Clarissa’s kick-ass lead vocals, I can tell you that I’m on a quest to unearth the version of this album with my lead vocals and will not stop until we find it! So happy that we get to experience this together lol!”

Would you be open to hearing a Mariah Carey grunge album? Honestly, we are totally down to give it a listen. Below we have included a video featuring one of Chick’s songs.