Watch: Papa Roach And The Black Eyed Peas Once Collab’d On A Nu Metal Song

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Papa Roach and the Black Eyed Peas are two musical acts you may not necessarily think of collaborating together; that said, back in 2003, as part of “Pepsi Smash,” the two musical forces came together for a live performance.

Per the Twitter account “crazy ass moments in nu metal history,” not only did we come across footage of the two acts performing together, the footage actually involves them both performing a nu metal song. That is right folks: Black Eyed Peas once went nu metal. Granted, we are not talking Slipknot or Korn heavy nu metal, but nu metal for sure.

In the video footage you will find below, you will see Black Eyed Peas member rapping alongside that of Papa Roach. So what is the nu metal song that the two acts are performing? Well funny enough, it is actually a nu metal remix of the Black Eyes Peas song “Anxiety.”

You can check out that performance (which was part of “Pepsi Smash”) below:

What do you think of this performance? Which pop acts do you think might be a good fit to mashup with nu metal?

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