Ozzy Defends Sharon Against Racist Accusations, But Associates Being Called A Racist To Being A ‘Pedophile’

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Back in April, Sharon Osbourne caught some heat over some pretty cringe comments she made. Among those comments, Osbourne found herself in some tense waters after defending her friend, UK broadcaster and TV personality Piers Morgan, who had said some things about ex-actress Meghan Markle that were deemed to have racial undertones. These comments about Morgan took place while Osbourne was on The Talk (which she was eventually suspended from).

Per a recent conversation with Good Morning America, where Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne were both being interviewed, Sharon was asked about this experience. In reflecting on that experience, Sharon shared the following (all quotes transcribed by Variety):

“What happened to me. The way I felt about it. The amount of time it took me mentally to get over it. And just to show I have — got over it.”

She then later went on to add, “Like I said on the show, ’You’ve now planted that seed. That will never leave me. You’ve planted that seed. The damage is done.’”

Osbourne then concluded with, “No more saying sorry, ’cause I’m not,” Sharon said. “Cause I didn’t do anything wrong except ask questions.”

While this topic was being discussed, Ozzy chimed in at one point and defended his wife, sharing the following: “When you’re accused of that, by saying, ‘I’m not racist,’ it’s like being accused of [being] a pedophile. It’s one of those things now that you — by saying you’re not, they think you are more. It’s like — it’s a stigma.”

What do you make of what went down with Sharon over on The Talk? At some point, Sharon will be returning to television in the form of a UK show called The Talk. The Osbourne family also have a new reality TV show in the works as well. Below you will find links to these stories, and that of other Ozzy Osbourne related stories.

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