Oasis Superfan Fred Durst Says a Gallagher Brother Has Been Ghosting His DM’s for Years

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Hey guys- Fred Durst is just like you and me. He, too, knows the salty pain of religiously sending late night Instagram DM’s to your musical hero year after year. Every time, holding out hope that THIS is the time they’ll see it and hit back, fully indulging our fanboy (or girl) fantasies. Hell, maybe even becoming our best friend in the process.

All joking aside (sort of), we thought it was rather adorable that Fred Durst willingly shared a screengrab of all of the times that he has actually tried reaching out to one of his musical heroes, Liam Gallagher, on the internet, to no reply.

Durst, of course, is a very public Oasis superfan. Exhibit A: Fred getting Noel Gallagher’s autograph back in the day, and posing with him like a giddy child:



Exhibit B: Fred congratulating Liam on Twitter back in 2019 (albeit to no response):

And now Exhibit C: Fred hilariously posted an IG story last week with a screengrab of all of the times he’s reached out to Liam Gallagher over the past few years. Liam, as you can see below, was having none of that, though.


Don’t lose hope, Fred. And never give up. A Gallagher DM is right around the corner if you just stay the course. Hell, who knows, maybe Liam will roll up at Freddy D’s House Party of Horrors, Mr. Durst’s upcoming Halloween party in Philadelphia.