Listen: Nu Metal Act Takes An Eminem Sample And Creates A Song That Sounds Strikingly Like Linkin Park

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A press release involving a remix from DisasterTheory asks the question: “Did you ever wonder how a Linkin Park and Eminem collaboration would sound?” Well folks… now you can hear what such a mashup might sound like.

For some additional context, DisasterTheory is a nu metal act from Pittsburgh, and on their new remix of “Overcome,” the band included a vocal sample from Eminem. The song also features D12 member Swifty McVay providing vocal contributions.

The Linkin Park vibe is STRONG on with this track; from the instrumentation to the sound of band singer Mark Thomas’ vocals, this song sounds like something that could have appeared on Hybrid Theory. Along with Em’s vocal sample in the song, you have yourself one hell of a 2000s throwback sounding song. Regarding the lyrics associated with this track, Thomas shares the following:

“The lyrics are basically about struggling as an artist, coming from rough places and dealing with the haters and naysayers along the way, telling you you’ll never make it, it’s too difficult…but rebelling against the sentiment that you don’t have what it takes.”

You can check out Disaster Theory’s “Overcome” remix featuring Eminem and Swifty McVay below. DisasterTheory is: Mark Thomas (lead vocals/guitar), Derrick Everhart (bass), Justin Farrier (drums), and Rob “Lizardman” Nolte (turntables).

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About DisasterTheory (per press release):

With hard-hitting riffs, gruff vocals, turn tables, and rapping, DisasterTheory’s style of nu-metal music will get you pumped and energized for the day. Hailing from the Pittsburgh area of Pennsylvania, USA, DisasterTheory, is the continuation of the golden age of rap metal. DisasterTheory delivers its style of emotion-filled deep lyrics, as well as angst, to the masses. Often compared to artists such as Linkin Park, Korn, and Three Days Grace, DisasterTheory takes a serious and heartfelt approach to their music from a very personal and honest perspective and then combines it with heavy drums, heavy guitars, a killer bass line, some turntables, and both clean and gruff vocals and even some rap. The inspiration DisasterTheory pulls from is as diverse as the band members. They draw inspiration from artists like Mike Shinoda, Slipknot, Bring Me The Horizon, and even some classical composers. DisasterTheory has been featured in IMAAI and West Virginia’s 100.1 WCLG, among others. DisasterTheory has also released two full-length albums since 2019, their latest being “Destination Nowhere,” and has recorded heavy metal covers of classic songs such as What’s Up, Genie In A Bottle, and Gangster’s Paradise.