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While many metalheads think back to ’90s nu metal involving Slipknot, Korn, Limp Bizkit, etc. – one of the most kick ass bands in the genre is that of Kittie. The all-female act formed in 1996, their music including elements of nu metal, punk, death metal, and more.

Over the course of their career, the band have thus far released six studio albums; these are the records they have put out: Spit (2000), Oracle (2001), Until the End (2004), Funeral for Yesterday (2007), In the Black (2009), and I’ve Failed You (2011).

While Kittie have had members in and out of the band throughout the years, the two consistent members are that of Morgan Lander (lead vocals, rhythm guitar, piano) and that of Mercedes Lander (drums, backing vocals). Over recent years, there have been questions whether or not the band would come back together to play more shows or create new music; in 2017, Trish Doan (who was the band’s bassist), passed away. In the past – while considering the death of Trish Doan – vocalist Morgan Lander has shared that she wasn’t sure about the future of the band.

However, as of yesterday, September 8th, Kittie performed their first live show in five years. And without a doubt folks, it was an incredible performance! You can check out some video footage of the band’s show below. The band even shared a photo of them at the festival they played (you can find that post below):


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Are you a fan of Kittie? Would you like to hear more music from them? Here is hoping they will be playing more shows!

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