Nita Strauss Talks About Demi Lovato Jamming Out To Megadeth + Demi’s Metal Cred

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During a recent conversation with Guitar World, Nita Strauss talked about being brought on to join Demi Lovato’s touring band. News came out a couple months ago that Strauss would be leaving Alice Cooper‘s band and joining Lovato’s; at the time of this writing, Strauss has played several shows with Demi as one of their guitarists.

At one point during the Guitar World interview, the interviewer says to Strass that it seems like folks have been positive about her career shift, to which Nita Strauss replies with:

“You and I are looking at different social media feeds! It is what it is. In a way, I feel very cared about – people are so protective of me and my career that they want to weigh in on my decisions [laughs]. If people didn’t care, they wouldn’t say anything. I’m choosing to look at the bright side of things. I’m very excited about the opportunity. I haven’t been to Brazil to play a gig since 2017. I can’t wait to crush these shows.

“And it’s not just about me, it’s an amazing all-female band: Brittany Bowman on the drums, Leanne Bowes on the bass, Dani McGinley on the keys. If we can reach this next generation of passionate and intense fans, and inspire them to play music, isn’t that a wonderful thing? They might pick up a guitar or bass, try out drums or see Dani on keys and think, ‘I could do that!’ Some of these younger fans might not have been reached through a traditional rock show.”

Later on in the conversation, Nita speaks to Demi being a metalhead and their fandom of the genre.

“[Demi is] a total metalhead. I’ve been quoted saying that a lot and it’s true. We did the first gig only a few weeks ago in Springfield, Illinois. I walked past a dressing room and could hear somebody listening to Megadeth, and it was Demi. There she was, getting ready for the show.

“She’s not trying to fool anyone with air guitar or any kind of act; she’s finally being her genuine self. It’s a big move for Demi, you know? She had a very safe pop career that she didn’t need to mess with but she chose to step out and play the music she loves.”

What do you think of Demi Lovato’s metal cred? Could you imagine the pop-rocker teaming up with other metal musicians?

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