Nickelback Reflect On Audience Response To Band’s Upcoming ‘Metal Sounding’ Song

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To consider Nickelback a metal band is one hell of a stretch; that said, as of lately, some folks have started to wonder if the band may be shifting musical gears.

As of recently, the band released a snippet of a new song of theirs; the snippet isn’t super long, but it does provide a very interesting musical note. If you have heard the band’s music in the past, you would probably say that, at times, they dabble into the waters of heavy rock; this new snippet however features a more metal tone to it.

During a recent chat with the WRAT radio station, Nickelback members Ryan Peake and Chad Kroeger not only spoke to the response that this new song has received, but also to the musical direction of their upcoming album. Do you think the new Nickelback album will be super metal sounding?

Ryan and Chad are asked that, if people didn’t see Nickelback’s name attached to the teaser, do they think people would know it is them? Here is what Ryan had to say about the response to the teaser:

“It’s funny. We’ve been hearing that quite a bit. It’s actually interesting because I think Nickelback fans would know for sure. I don’t think it’s unusual – that type of song for us… So it’s like not necessarily indicative of the whole album, necessarily. But, as far as rock, it’s a heavy rock song, and if you’ve seen us live, you would definitely get it too, I think. But I kind of like that people are feeling like it’s a surprise that we can have rock songs like that in the repertoire.”

Chad later spoke to the musical direction of the band’s upcoming record:

“All of our records are all over the map. We don’t have one record that really sort of sounds the same in terms of songwriting from top to bottom. I mean, they’re all all over the map, and I absolutely love that. I don’t know how we sort of did that and how we got the acceptance from our fans to be able to do that, but we’re very lucky because we don’t have to record the same kind of music thinking to ourselves, ‘Well, the fans are expecting this, so we’ve just gotta give ’em a whole album of that.’ We can kind of do whatever we want. It’s so all over the map, and it’s fulfilling as an artist to be able to get in, and as a songwriter, for us to be able to get together and go, ‘Let’s do something completely left field. Let’s try something heavier than we’ve ever done. Let’s try something lighter than we’ve ever done.’ Whatever we’re feeling that day, we just do it.”

Given what we have heard from the teaser that has been out, we are really interested to hear how metal this new Nickelback song is. Will it be a super heavy banger? Or will it be more of a heavy rock song? Are you a metalhead who enjoys the band’s music? Below you can check out that clip of the band’s new song that has been floating around. You can also check out the video interview featuring the band members below as well.