Watch: New Trailer For ‘Halloween Ends’ Features Michael Myers On A Warpath

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The final trailer for Halloween Ends has arrived and boy howdy is it a trip!

The trailer provides a brief glimpse into the film’s plot (spoilers ahead pertaining to light Halloween Kills and Ends plot details). It has been four years since the events in Halloween Kills took place and Michael Myers has vanished. Laurie Strode (played by Jamie Lee Curtis) is living with her granddaughter, and eventually, shit starts to go down in Haddonfield and Laurie aims to end Michael once and for all.

The final trailer features Michael Myers rampaging through people via a variety of lethal manners. That said, Laurie is also on a warpath to take Michael down, and we get to see some footage of her kicking his ass! You can check out the final trailer for Halloween Ends below! The movie arrives in theatres and on the streaming service Peacock come October 14th.

In other Michael Myers news, we recently shared a video from the YouTube channel The House of Masks that features an unboxing of a Michael Myers Halloween Ends mask (from Trick Or Treat Studios). Earlier this year, we had the chance to interview horror director and composer John Carpenter! We talked to John about a variety of subjects and had a great time. You can follow this link here to read the full interview, but below, we have included an excerpt regarding his advice to young artists who want to get into scoring movies and make music.

“Wow, well… not so much. I can only say the same advice I give to a young director who wants to make movies: Just make music. Pure music. Don’t worry about what it’s for, do it, and then get people to listen. And that’s the best way of breaking in; because somebody may hear it and say, “Oh this is great, I want this.” So that’s how you do it, that’s the most direct way.”