Watch: Upcoming Film ‘When the Screaming Starts’ Features Black Metal Comedy + Serial Killer Madness – The Pit Exclusive

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Horror movies and heavy metal is how we love to start a day, so we are beyond excited to bring to our readers an exclusive clip from the upcoming horror film When the Screaming Starts! This new horror-comedy Mockumentary  involves a great deal of terror, laughs, and even some black metal! The premise pertaining to When the Screaming Starts is as follows:

“Aidan Mendle has a dream; he aspires to be an infamous serial killer. When struggling journalist Norman is invited to follow Aidan on his journey, he believes he finally has landed his big break. But as Aidan and his newly recruited murder cult embark on a blood-soaked rampage, will Norman’s dream of becoming a renowned filmmaker turn into a nightmare?”

Along with his dream to become a serial killer, Aidan also used to be in a black metal band called Cannibal Death March. The exclusive clip that The Pit has been provided not only features Aidan talking about the band, but it also features one of their music videos (which is pretty fucking funny). You can check out this exclusive When the Screaming Starts clip featuring Cannibal Death March below! We have also included a trailer for the movie below the clip.

When the Screaming Starts will be arriving exclusively onto the streaming service Screambox come September 20th. If you are interested in watching the film, along with the great range of awesome titles Screambox has to offer, you can sign up for a 30-day free trial and check out the streaming service today! Screambox is available on iOS, Android, Prime Video, YouTube TV, Comcast, and

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