Mike Patton Will Be Returning To The Stage With Mr. Bungle!

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After having stepped away from live performances for sometime now, Mike Patton will finally be returning to the stage and performing with Mr. Bungle!

Besides there being a global pandemic, Patton made the decision to step away from live performances for health reasons. Back in 2021, both Faith No More and Mr. Bungle cancelled tour dates due to Patton’s health; while Faith No More provided a lengthy statement regarding their cancelled tour dates, they shared, in part, “We believe that forging ahead with these dates would have had a profoundly destructive effect on Mike, whose value to us as a brother means more to us than his job as singer.”

However, as of recently, Mike Patton plans on returning to the live stage to play with Mr. Bungle. The band will be playing a few shows this December. They will be playing the following dates:

12/11 – Santiago, Estadio Monumental (as part of Knotfest Chile)
12/15 – Buenos Aires Teatro Flores, ARG
12/18 – Sao Paulo Sambodromo Do Anhembi (as part of Knotfest Brasil)

Maybe this means that, overtime, we may start to see more shows involving Mike Patton, Mr. Bungle, and Faith No More. This past July, Patton talked about his struggles with mental illness. You can find a link below to read more of what he had to say, but, in part, this is what Mike Patton had to say about his personal health struggles:

“Right around the time that Faith No More was about to go back on the road. That’s when I kind of lost it, and it was ugly and not cool. A few days before we were supposed to go on the road. I told the guys, ‘Hey man, I don’t think I can do it.’ Somehow my confidence was broken down. I didn’t want to be in front of people, which is weird because I spent half of my life doing that. It was very hard to explain. And there were some broken feelings on both sides about it, but it’s what I had to do. Because otherwise something really bad could have happened.”

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