Watch: Metallica’s Kirk Hammett Is Scoring A Reddit Horror Story

Kirk Hammett: Metallica Facebook / Jamie Clayton Pinhead: SPYGLASS MEDIA GROUP (screenshot via Entertainment Weekly)
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Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett is a hardcore horror fan; in fact, he has loved the genre ever since childhood! Hammett saw his first horror movie when he was five years old. Hammett is a big fan of horror movie scores, a passion that he channeled into his first ever solo release, titled Portals.

A couple months ago, Kirk spoke to the idea of him creating horror scores, and it looks like that is finally happening! Over on Reddit, there is an online horror story folks can read titled I Have To Get Rid of This Guitar I Found. The story is posted by user: “Kirk-Hammett-Horrors” – this account appears to be linked to several other Kirk Hammett related social media platforms.

Hammett has provided music for I Have To Get Rid of This Guitar I Found, which you can check out over on his TikTok account (or below). We are not sure how many parts there will be to this Reddit horror story, but after checking out part one, we are ready for more! You can read part one for yourself via this link here.

It is cool to hear Kirk expanding his musical wings and working on a horror project! Maybe in time we will hear that the Metallica guitarist is working on a horror movie score. What are your thoughts on his solo EP Portals?

In other horror movie related news, earlier today, we shared some awesome first footage of the upcoming Halloween Ends! We also shared news regarding a new film associated with Ti West’s X! Between Halloween Ends, Pearl, Rob Zombie‘s The Munsters, and the new Hellraiser – it is really an awesome time for horror fans! Of these movies, which one are you the most excited to see this Halloween season?

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