Metalheads Rally to Save Beloved Metal Record Store After Idiot Robber Wrecks It

Photos via Black City Records Facebook page.
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Say what you will about us metalheads. We can be an obstinate, reckless bunch at times. But when it comes to sticking up for our own, we’re as fiercely loyal as they come. We also happen to be pretty fucking awesome overall, as determined by, ya know- science.

Anyways, some scumbag broke into and smashed up a Bristol, UK heavy metal record store last week called Black City Records. Naturally, the local metal community was having none of that, and has since rushed to the aid of the store.

Shop owner David Savage posted the following account of the robbery on the store’s Facebook:

“So, here’s the post we never thought we’d have to write. Last night at 23:30ish Black City was broken into. We got notifications via our CCTV that there was movement in the shop and on checking noticed a figure searching through every nook and cranny in the shop. We immediately called the police and made our way there. Sadly they had done what they felt they had to do before the police or anyone from The Gryphon could make it there in time. When we arrived we found that the glass to one of the front doors had been put in by an iron bar.

All the cash on the premises had been stolen, two charity collection tins were also taken (I know, classy right?) and our computer system and till system were completely smashed to pieces as well as some of the CCTV cameras ripped from the walls.We are totally floored by it all and typing this this morning is proving more emotionally difficult than I’d had ever imagined! We’ve worked tirelessly for the better part of over two years on the tiniest of margins to get the shop to where it’s at and to see this happen in a matter of minutes is truly devastating.

Needless to say we will be shut for a while but we will keep you up to speed with everything that happens. Fortunately we do have some good footage of the complete oxygen thief that decided to tear our little metal haven apart and I would ask that you share this in the hope that someone recognises them and something may happen. Hopefully the shop will be getting fingerprinted today.

I really need to say a huge thanks to John and Matt from the The Gryphon for being there on hand to help us through it all last night – especially Matt for staying the night in the shop to make sure it was secure! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

For now we have a day of working out what to do next, clearing up, fixing everything and trying to deal with the tidal waves of emotions we’re feeling right now. If you have an order with us for delivery or collection please bear with us, we will get you sorted as always. Our online shop is of course still open – we really need your support right now.”

Thankfully, though, this story already has a happy ending. Since the local metal community rallied so strongly behind the shop, helping raise thousands via a GoFundMe campaign, the store has already been able to reopen just days later. Right on. Here’s the latest and greatest from Savage:

“The sheer amount of support we have received from the metal and vinyl community near and far has been something we simply cannot put into words. Reading your comments, messages and seeing your support since yesterday morning has genuinely had us in tears many times. Even now I’m welling up as I type this. You are all without doubt the greatest community in the world…thank you from the bottom of my heart. I love you all. You can’t kill the metal. The metal will never die!”

If you have the means and would like to help support Savage and his Black City Records shop, you can either order some records from him direct online, or throw a few bones his way on this GoFundMe support page.

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