Listen: ‘Master of Puppets’ Performed In The Style Of Linkin Park Makes For A Stunning Reinvention Of The Track

Chealse Vo, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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Thanks to its recent cameo in Stranger Things season four, the Metallica song “Master of Puppets” has been getting a lot of love lately. The song has gotten a lot of attention from various musicians and content creators looking to pay tribute to the track (in one way or another).

YouTuber Anthony Vincent – who has performed Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill” in the style of “Master of Puppets” – recently performed a cover of the Metallica song, but with a very interesting twist. Vincent decided to cover the Metallica banger in the style of a Linkin Park track – and the end result is fucking fascinating.

Prior to listening to Vincent’s take on the song, we had no idea what to expect; but as the song plays out, it is beyond anything we could have imagined. Frankly, “Master of Puppets” played in the style of Linkin Park makes for an entirely different sounding track (as compared to the original cut). Of course the lyrics are intact, but with Vincent’s mashup, you have a song here that offers such a different and captivating mood. It is honestly brilliant and wild how well this mashup works.

You can check out Anthony Vincent’s take on the Metallica classic via the video below.

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