Listen: This Preview Of The 2022 Hellraiser Score Is Chilling AF!

Jamie Clayton Pinhead: SPYGLASS MEDIA GROUP (screenshot via Entertainment Weekly) / Doug Bradley Pinhead: Entertainment Film Distributors
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Just the other day, we finally got a really detailed first-look at Jamie Clayton’s Pinhead – and now we are getting a preview of the Hellraiser score! As shared by the folks over at Collider, a one-minute preview of a song that is part of the 2022 Hellraiser score has been released.

The track was composed by Ben Lovett, who has worked with Hellraiser director David Bruckner before (having worked on Bruckner’s films The Night House and The Ritual). The song that this preview is associated with currently has no title.

But regardless of lack of title, this preview is gripping. Within one-minute, Lovetts presents a song that is dense with atmosphere; ominous, uncomfortable, and chilling all at once, this is a brilliant tease and promise for what the 2022 Hellraiser score is to sound and feel like. You can check out this preview below.

What do you think of this preview? Are you excited for the rest of the score to be released?

The 2022 Hellraiser movie has gotten an official release date and rating as of recently; folks will be able to watch the movie right from the comfort of their own couch when it hits the streaming service Hulu this October. Regarding the synopsis of this movie, the film’s Wikipedia shares: “A young woman faces the sadistic, supernatural forces behind an enigmatic puzzlebox responsible for her brother’s disappearance.”

The actor who played Pinhead in the 1987 Hellraiser movie recently commented on the iconic horror villain being played by Jamie Clayton in the upcoming film. Speaking of other horror movies, the new Winnie The Pooh horror movie finally got an official trailer!

In other movie news, horror director John Carpenter also recently spoke to the idea of there being more Halloween movies to come out after this year’s Halloween Ends! Follow the link below to learn everything John had to say.

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