‘He’s A Demon Dude’: Late-Megadeth Drummer Shares A Chilling Supernatural Story About Dave Mustaine

Dave Mustaine: Megadeth Facebook / Devil: Diablorex (Rex Diablo), CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikimedia Commons
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Nick Menza was the drummer for Megadeth from 1989 to 1998; sadly, Menza suffered a massive heart attack and passed away in 2016.

An upcoming documentary pertaining to Menza’s life is coming out titled This Was My Life – The Story Of Nick Menza. The documentary features past audio clips from that of Menza. Via an exclusive audio clip shared by Bravewords, one of the stories in this documentary involves Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine (and what sounds like a chilling supernatural moment).

As Menza puts it in his own words, a freak incident took place where Mustaine started talking in tongues; Menza goes on to add that Dave had attempted a spell on someone and it backfired. Per Nick Menza talking about Dave Mustaine’s supernatural moment:

“He’s a demon dude. He did some crazy shit. I’ll tell you a really freaky story. One time we were playing tennis […] and Dave fucking drops down on the fucking tennis court. And our manager runs over there and is like, ‘Dave! Dave! Dave!’ And he [Dave] starts talking in fucking tongues like backwards; like some crazy, Tibetan, like fucking weird devil shit. I’m like, ‘Hey you know what bro? I’m gonna go call an ambulance, alright?'”

Menza then goes on to add that this incident is what the Megadeth song “Good Mourning/Black Friday” is about. He then goes on to mention the following about Dave: “He got fired from his job, tried to put some spell on some dude – he wanted this chick – and he fuckin’ got arrested that day. All in one day. Said he did this spell called ‘Devil’s Shoestring’ on this chick, to try and win her and shit. And it fucking backfired on him.”

This is not the first time Dave has fucked around with magic. In a recent interview, Dave talked about his experiences practicing black magic; at one point he mentions that he attempted a “sex hex,” so maybe that is the spell Menza is referring to above. You can check out the full audio clip of Menza talking about this story via the video below.

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