Watch: Lars Ulrich Once Took Part In A Super Cringe Anti-Napster Commercial Back In 2000

Lars Ulrich: Metallica Facebook / Napster logo: Rockboy1009, CC BY-SA 4.0, Wikimedia Commons, Napster
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Lars Ulrich of Metallica was one of the most vocal artists to speak out against file sharing when it was on the rise back in the ’90s and 2000s. Ulrich, and a plethora of other musicians, were intensely against services like that of Napster, believing that they would significantly hurt that of the artist.

With Ulrich being one of the more outspoken of the group, he decided to take part in an anti-Napster PSA (which was featured during the 2000 MTV VMAs). The PSA starts off with actor Marlon Wayans (Scary Movie, White Chicks) rocking out in a dorm room; on his computer screen, you can see that he is downloading Metallica’s “I Disappear” off of Napster.

While Wayans is jamming out, guess who shows up at his door… it is Lars. Wayans freaks out with excitement seeing Ulrich; he goes on to say, “I love everything you do… well except for that bad show you hosted.”

To this, Ulrich replies, “Well, you know what? Maybe I wouldn’t have to whore myself out if you [fucking] kids didn’t steal my music.”

Wayans replies, “Woah, we’re not stealing, okay? We’re just ‘sharing’ with each other, you know?”

Replying to Wayans’ comment, Ulrich says, “So it’s like if I take this soda can right here, take a sip out of it” – he slaps a Napster sticker on the can and takes a sip. Wayans is excited to share his drink with a rockstar, Ulrich handing the can to Wayans who then proceeds to take a sip. Lars then ends up saying, “And you know what? I’m just sharing 10 years of groupies with you, frat boy.”

Ulrich then proceeds to slap Napster stickers on a plethora of Marlon’s stuff; and at one super cringe point, a woman (who we probably are to assume may be Marlon’s partner), walks in and has a Napster sticker slapped on one of her butt cheeks.

The commercial is an absolute ride. You can check out Lars Ulrich’s anti-Napster PSA below: