John Carpenter Says ‘Halloween Ends’ May Not Actually Be The End: ‘I will have to see how much money it makes’

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John Carpenter is responsible for some of the most iconic films in all of genre cinema. From Halloween to The Thing, from They Live to In The Mouth of Madness, Carpenter has proven himself to be a Master of Horror.

For the past few years, Carpenter has been an Executive Producer on the latest Halloween movies – that is 2018’s Halloween, 2021’s Halloween Kills, and the upcoming Halloween Ends. During a recent conversation with the New Yorker, Carpenter was asked about the potential of there being anymore Halloween movies (given that Halloween Ends sounds pretty definitive).

The interviewer brings up a point about Carpenter’s past comments regarding sequels and intellectual property; the interviewer shares that “There’s always a sequel to be made. There’s always a remake.” To this, John Carpenter replies with:

“If a movie makes enough money, you can be assured that it will.”

The interviewer then asks if there’s potential for another Halloween movie, or if Halloween Ends truly marks the ending of there being anymore films. Carpenter replies and says, “I will have to see how much money it makes!”

Carpenter then adds the following when asked about having to be tight-lipped about potential/upcoming projects.

“I just don’t say anything. You know, it’s better that way sometimes. I do tend to get in trouble. Every time I open my mouth, I get in trouble.”

We recently learned some distribution details regarding the release of Halloween Ends (which will be out in about a month). Are you excited to see the exiting conclusion to David Gordon Green’s Halloween trilogy?

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