It’s Finally Here. Listen to Slipknot’s New Album ‘The End, So Far’ in Full

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Finally, friends. After what felt like an eternity of waiting, the 9-headed beast of metal, Slipknot, has graced us with their 7th studio album, The End, So Far. It’s out, and you can listen to the full The End, So Far album below.

Many members of the band have offered their own unique thoughts and feelings about the album over the past few months. Bassist Alessandro Venturella describes the record as “a musical journey, and you’ll get to the end, and you’ll feel a little bit of Zen at the end.”

Corey Taylor calmed confusion and fear from maggots that the album title meant that this was in fact the end for the band, stating instead that:

“People have been talking about the end of Slipknot since 2003, so it doesn’t really matter. If I had a nickel for every time I’ve had to straighten fans out, I’d have a shit-ton of nickels, let’s put it that way.”

Jim Root seemed a bit hard on himself and the boys earlier this week, stating that they could’ve perhaps “put out a better product”. He went on to elaborate:

“It’s like, well, if it has taken this long to get it out then we could have taken our fucking time with pre-production, and, in my mind, put out a better product. And that’s not to say that we’re disappointed with what we are putting out; it’s where we are at. It’s what we were able to do, given the circumstances, and the things that we had to work with.”

Root also shared that Clown seemed to share in his more pessimistic sentiments as well: “And Clown was like, ‘It’s not a record! It’s not a Slipknot record.”

You can find our own in-depth review of The End, So Far here. But we recommend that you crank it to 11 and make your own decision. Where do you think it ranks in the band’s pretty legendary discography? Let us know on our social channels.

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Listen to all of Slipknot’s new album, The End, So Far