Watch: Guitarist Brian Head Welch Performs Korn Songs At A High School

Foto: Fred Gasch
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Back when we were in high school, we would have lost our collective minds if any member of Korn were to have just shown up while we were going to and from class. Well not only did band guitarist Brain Head Welch do just that, he actually performed some of the band’s songs for the student body!

As reported by Revolver, back on September 20th, Brian Head Welch made an appearance at a high school in Arizona. Brian, along with that of his side project Love and Death, came to the school as part of an event; at one point during this event, Brian decided to get on stage with the guys in Love and Death and play some Korn songs!

Brian and the band played that of “Blind” and “Here to Stay.” You can find both videos that feature Brian Head Welch and Love and Death performing Korn songs below. Per both videos, you can hear the students lose their minds as the band plays.

Have you checked out our ranking of the current Korn discography? We ranked all of the band’s albums from worst to best. Curious to know which Korn album we think is the best? Follow this link here to see the full ranking, but below, we have included an excerpt of our number 10 pick:  The Path of Totality

“While some folks have taken to shitting on this record – and while it is not the strongest Korn album – it displays the band itching to expand upon their artistry (and we appreciate that). This record is the one to come after Korn III: Remember Who You Are – which in a lot of ways, helps it stand out much more. The stylistic choice of blending metal, rock, and electronic music does work in the band’s favor at times to present sonically layered and intricate sounding compositions. This electronic element is actually something that would end up becoming a greater Korn quality in not only the album to come after this one – The Paradigm Shift – but for future records as well. However, this quality ends up burning out fast on The Path of Totality, given that the stylistic fusion ends up becoming a monotonous blend of sound, with songs blurring into one another.”


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