Fans Call Out Record Label For Signing Vektor, A Band Featuring An Alleged Domestic Abuser – Label Drops Band

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For some of you, the name Vektor may ring a bell. They are a thrash metal band that has put several releases, however, they are more infamously well known due to their member David DiSanto, who has been accused of sexual assault and physical violence in the past.

Back in 2019, DiSanto’s then wife shared a lengthy statement, stating that DiSanto allegedly abused her; if you are interested in reading her statement, The PRP shared a copy of it back in 2019 that you can read via this link here.

Considering these serious allegations, it came to the surprise of many when they heard earlier this week that Vektor had been signed by a big metal label – that being Century Media Records. A press release had gone out with DiSanto speaking to his excitement regarding the signing, and that of Century Media Records Vice President Philipp Schulte also expressing excitement.

While Schulte and DiSanto may have been happy with this decision, many were not. In a Facebook post that has since been deleted, several users called out the record label for signing a band that features an alleged domestic abuser. The PRP was able to capture a screenshot of some of these comments, which has been provided below:

Century Media Records Facebook post (found via The PRP)

After all this response, the label not only took down the post speaking to signing the band, they have also provided another post that shares the following: “Effective immediately: Century Media has decided to part ways with Vektor.”

We cannot confirm what the label knew at the time that they decided to sign the band.

If you or someone you care about is suffering abuse at the hands of their partner, please contact RAINN or call 800.656.HOPE (4673). There is also the National Domestic Violence Hotline, which can be reached at 800-799-7233. Remember: you are not alone.