Debunked Rumor: James Hetfield Is Not Dating Kim Kardashian

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As of recently, rumors have been floating around that Metallica singer/guitarist James Hetfield and Kim Kardashian are dating and spending time with one another. Multiple websites and blogs have been writing about the couple, with one site even writing:

“The couple was observed holding hands at the Four Seasons in Vail, Colorado. They were observed hiking, cycling, playing golf, fly fishing, and relaxing in the hot springs. During supper, the paparazzi spotted the couple eating spaghetti and meatballs in a Lady and the Tramp-like manner.”

However, this of course absolutely, positively, horseshit. This rumor is nothing but that and nowhere near true. So why have sites been writing about this? Well, it seems to have stemmed from some bullshit articles about James Hetfield and Kim Kardashian being together. James recently filed for divorce from his ex-wife Francesca Hetfield, and Kardashian recently broke up with that of comedian Pete Davidson.

One site wrote an article that mentions the two celebrities dating, while another site also wrote about the couple dating, but their feature has more of a “joking” element to it. Over on Madhouse Magazine, there is an entire article dedicated to the “couple’s relationship.” At one point they write, “Kim told Madhouse News that James checks all her boxes. ‘He is unstable with a history of addiction problems. Plus he has a neck tattoo. He is the perfect man in my book. I should actually write a book, I am really good at picking men.'”

While there is an element of “shock” comedy to this (given that the rumor involves two celebrities we may not immediately associate one another with), there is an element of this rumor feeling… shitty. As of recently, Hetfield’s ex-wife, Francesca, shared a heartbreaking statement with TMZ regarding the couple’s divorce; James has shared nothing at this time regarding the divorce.

Prior to reading this article, had you seen the rumor floating around that James Hetfield and Kim Kardashian were dating?

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