Watch: Dead Cross Call Out ‘NRA-holes’ + Organized Religion On New Song ‘Christian Missile Crisis’

Photo credit: Becky DiGiglio
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While 2022 has already been an amazing year for heavy music, an upcoming record we are excited to hear is that of the new Dead Cross album (which comes out next month). As of today, the band have released their third single off the record, that track titled “Christian Missile Crisis.”

In case you somehow have not heard, Dead Cross is a supergroup of sorts, featuring: Mike Patton (of Faith No More and Mr. Bungle), Dave Lombardo (of Slayer and Testament), Michael Crain (of Retox and Kill the Capulets), and Justin Pearson (of The Locust and Retox).

Speaking to this new song, Justin Pearson shared the following:

“’Christian Missile Crisis’ takes an obvious jab at organized religion, NRA-holes who clearly compensate for their lack of masculinity by fixating on gun ownership and gun ‘rights,’ and the fact that a large enough amount of Americans have the inability to negotiate peace and prefer oppressing others.”

Dead Cross have never been subtle when it comes to sharing how they feel about the world. The band’s new song “Christian Missile Crisis” is out today to check out, and if you want to check out the music video for their song “Reign of Error,” follow this link here.

You can now pre-order the band’s upcoming album, titled II, via this link here. Are you excited for the band’s new record? What do you think of their first three singles?

In some Dead Cross adjacent news, back in July, Mike Patton took part in an interview where he opened up a lot about his mental health. It’s a very insightful read where he talks about some of his struggles and the importance of self care.

Fellow Dead Cross member Dave Lombardo recently spoke to an important piece of advice he got upon joining Testament (with said advice coming from ex-band member Gene Hoglan).