Dave Mustaine Wants The Big Four – ‘The Metal Mount Rushmore’ – To Help Younger Bands

S. Bollmann, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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As many metalheads already know, the Big Four involve that of Megadeth, Anthrax, Slayer, and Metallica. Not only do each of these four thrash bands feature amazing talent, each has forever changed the landscape of heavy music.

During a recent conversation with Guitar World, Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine reflected on winning a Grammy for the band’s album Dystopia; in talking about that award, he shared:

“The Grammy was very important to me when we got it. But I’ve got to say it was kind of odd because it felt like a lifetime achievement award and right now I don’t want to be recognized for a lifetime achievement.

“I want to get an award for something I did, I’m doing and I’m gonna do, not something I used to do and I’ll never be able to do again. At the same time the past few years have made me really appreciate the time I have left and the friends that I have. And I certainly don’t wanna leave the planet with the experience that I have and the things that I’ve learned without passing them on to somebody else.”

The interviewer than asks how he plans to do that, and Mustaine’s plan actually involves the Big Four.

“I sometimes think how much better things would have been if we would’ve all tried a little bit more within The Big Four. The four of us still have so much authority and power and we could do so many great things. It would be great if we could get together and have a meeting of the minds as these four figureheads – the metal Mount Rushmore – and think of something special we could do to really benefit young bands and musicians and artists.

“It would be great to help them avoid some of the situations we got into with contracts and substances. Because most bands make their mistakes right at the beginning of their careers. I’d love to be a mentor to some of these guys and to really help them out. That would be a really good way to give back.”

That would be remarkable if the the Big Four came together in some fashion to help out younger bands and artists in the metal scene. Whether it was through classes, or something of that manner, there is so much that these four bands could provide in terms of wisdom. What are your thoughts regarding this idea?

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