Dave Mustaine Talks About What ‘The Sick, The Dying… And The Dead!’ Represents For Megadeth’s Future

Sven Mandel, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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As of last Friday, Megadeth released a brand new album titled The Sick, The Dying… And The Dead!. It is a ferocious sounding thrash record, offering killer riffs and blistering instrumentation. Via a new interview with Loudwire, band frontman Dave Mustaine talked about the creation of the record.

Among the questions asked of Dave, one involves asking him how he would like to “recognize” the album; in answering this, Mustaine speaks to how much work Megadeth have put in over the years and how excited he is for the band’s future. Speaking to the new album and the future of the band, Dave says:

“I would say it’s one of many to come — this is the appetizer and we’re going to have a few more records that are more stomping Megadeth music. When the record was finished and turned in the last mix… the mixing process is kind of like when you’re having a kid and you start to see the baby’s head coming in and you’re saying, ‘Come on, come on,’ and the record comes out and you spend the next however long the period is (for us, it was six years of touring and supporting the last record). We’d never done that before and it was fantastic for the record. I believe that we’re going to have a really great tour for this record.

“After doing such great work on Dystopia and setting up the groundwork for this, we’ve gone from being a band that played in clubs and theaters when I first got together with my management (5B). Over the seven years or so since we’ve been with them, we’ve gone from being a club and a theater act to being an arena/amphitheater act and being a legit one.

“That’s been really great — all the groundwork that we’ve laid down and how much we’re learning about each other as musicians, commanding the stage, using the right setlists for each show, knowing the audience so that if you’re in one particular place where certain songs are more popular than other songs, you know that and you deliver those songs live when you play there. You’re not giving the same setlist that you would for an audience that’s more of a metal kind of a city like San Francisco or Los Angeles or something. Knowing your audience is super important.”

Granted, Megadeth have been touring with Five Finger Death Punch as one of their supporting acts… but we shall see what the band have planned in the coming days to support that of The Sick, The Dying… And The Dead!. In other band related news, ex-band bassist David Ellefson recently opened up about how “abusive” he found Dave Mustaine to be while working with him.

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