Dave Mustaine Says He Was Once Smacked In The Face For Listening To Judas Priest

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Have you ever been literally smacked across the face for listening to a particular band? Because apparently that’s what happened to Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine.

During a conversation with Tales from the Metalverse, while talking about Judas Priest, Dave shares a story involving a time where he got hit in the face for listening to the band! Specifically, the incident involves a family member hitting Dave while Mustaine was listening to one of the band’s records. It sounds absolutely wild, but here is what Mustaine has to say about the experience.

“Judas priest was a band that I paid for dearly growing up. I had the Sad Wings of Destiny album. I was playing it at the house I was living in at the time, which was my older sister’s house. Her husband came home, [who] was a 6’6 Scottish guy. He was the chief of police in Stanton, California, and he heard me listening to Judas Priest and smacked me in the face.

“I was literally gobsmacked, but I was just blown away that he’d hit me in the face. So, I figured I was gonna really love this band now, just to spite you. And I was a big Judas Priest fan for a long time. And we ended up going out on tour with them on the Painkiller tour.”

Holy shit, that is some bullshit if we do say so ourselves! Glad to hear that Dave doubled down on his love for Judas Priest! You can listen to Dave share this story himself via the video below.

During that same conversation, Mustaine also talked about an incident where Kiss bassist Gene Simmons said a crude joke about Metallica (which really bothered Dave). In other news involving Dave, the Megadeth singer-guitarist talked about a time he caught ex-band bassist David Ellefson of “poaching” one of his songs. Also, Mustaine used to mess around with black metal, and per a new documentary that is coming out, it seems like one of Dave’s spells backfired on him badly. Links to all these stories can also be found below.

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