Dave Mustaine Claims That David Ellefson ‘Poached’ One Of His Songs

Dave Mustaine: Megadeth Facebook / David Ellefson: Денис Седов,CC BY-SA 3.0 (Wikimedia Commons)
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Back in 2013, Megadeth released their 14th studio album, titled Super Collider. During the creation of this record, ex-band bassist David Ellefson was still in the band; Ellefson would end up being fired from Megadeth in 2021 following a sex scandal he was involved in.

In a recent conversation with Trunk Nation L.A. Invasion, band frontman Dave Mustaine talked about an incident where he, allegedly, caught Ellefson poaching one of Mustaine’s songs and putting in one of his own riffs into the track. As you can imagine, this matter pissed off Dave big time. Below is what Mustaine had to say about this incident (the following quotes were transcribed by Blabbermouth):

“I came in on the record that [producer] Johnny K did — it was before ‘Dystopia’; I think it was ‘Super Collider’ — I came in one morning and Johnny K was in there [working on] a song named ‘Kingmaker.’ ‘Kingmaker’ was done and I came in there, and I heard [then-Megadeth bassist David] Ellefson and Johnny K in there recording a part at the beginning of the song. And it was nothing to do with the song; it had nothing… the riff wasn’t in the record anywhere.

“And I came in and I said, ‘What are you two doing?’ [Makes sound of someone struggling to come up with the right words] You know, trying to explain, ‘I’m gonna fucking poach your song and I’m going to put one of my riffs in front of the song.’ And it was so pathetic. I just felt so sorry for the two of them. I just said, ‘Go ahead. Leave it in there.’ But if you listen to ‘Kingmaker’ tonight when you go home, you’re gonna hear the beginning of the song, there’s a really dumbass part in there. And that’s it.”

Damn if this is true, that is pretty upsetting. Below we have included the song “Kingmaker” for you to check out (so you can hear the portion of the song that Dave is talking about).

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