‘I love what we’ve done together’: Corey Taylor Says A Young Slipknot Were Always ‘Battering Heads’ + How They Got Closer With Time

Photo credit: Anthony Scanga
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During a recent conversation with Zane Lowe of Apple Music 1, Corey Taylor spoke to the conflicts and struggle that used to take place among a much younger Slipknot.

Forming in 1995, Slipknot ended up putting out their first studio album in 1999; with the release of that record, the band found themselves being launched into the metal spotlight (and even more so with 2001’s Iowa). During this recent interview, Zane talks to Corey about the band’s abrasive and visceral live performances, and the overall chaotic energy they bring into their music. Zane asks Taylor how challenging those earlier days were, going into such wild shows with people he did not know on such an intrinsic level (and forcing a chemistry upon themselves).

Corey ends up talking about how Slipknot was a band of few similarities (among its members), and how everyone was butting heads with one another. However, in time, everyone has become more connected with one another. Here is what Corey Taylor had to say (as transcribed by The Pit):

“It was difficult. I think that’s one of the reasons why we were all so angry early on, because we weren’t all necessarily on the same page a lot. We were so different, such different people. The one thing that we had in common was the music and the drive; outside of that, I mean, with the exception of pairs of people in the band, you know – even some of the guys who had been in bands together before Slipknot – there was just a battering of heads, always. Always! We were never stoked – let’s put it that way – we were never, never stoked. I mean we were always just so pointed in the direction of what we needed to [fuckin’] do.

“It wasn’t – I gotta be honest man – it wasn’t until we lost Paul and Joey, and I’m talking about even recently, that we really all kind of turned to each other and said, ‘You know what? I need you to know how much I appreciate you. Even knowing you’re completely different from me as a person and we have run in completely different circles for so long, I love who you are, and I love what we’ve done together.'”

Slipknot have been on one hell of a journey together, and while it has taken them some years, we are glad to hear that they now have such a powerful and beautiful connection with one another. Below you can check out the full interview featuring Corey Taylor.